Working with communities

Queensland is a big state, and not all Queensland communities face the same challenges when it comes to crocodile safety. Working in partnership with the community to improve existing practices has been one of the most significant enhancements to crocodile management in recent years.

Some of this work includes:

  • Training local rangers to report crocodile sightings, undertake site assessments, erect warning signage and trap crocodiles. This front line response enables management action to take place immediately, build capacity within local communities and can reduce deployment of departmental staff to remote locations.
  • Developing local solutions to local problems. Differences in culture, habitat use and infrastructure means approaches to crocodile management need to be tailored for specific areas—one size certainly does not fit all.
  • Incorporating cultural relevance. By respectfully sharing knowledge with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the department has engaged with local communities and developed culturally appropriate products and practices relating to crocodile safety and management.

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