Environmental maps and data online

The department produces a range of environmental and natural resource data that is made available to its customers. Other online mapping and data systems listed on this page may be managed by other departments.

Some maps and data are available free of charge by viewing or requesting online.

    Air quality data

    The department in collaboration with industry partners operates an air quality monitoring network across the state that reports live air data. Data from the monitoring network is presented online as ambient concentration, air quality categories and smoke and dust health action levels which are updated hourly.

    Apiary site maps online

    The apiary site maps that show the current distribution and status of apiary sites on protected areas where beekeeping is allowed.

    Datasets and hardcopy maps

    Data download service (Queensland Spatial Catalogue - QSpatial)

    The Queensland Spatial Catalogue - QSpatial provides access to a variety of geospatial and associated data. Data available through the service is intended for users of geographic information or similar systems and is accompanied by metadata that can be viewed prior to ordering your data for download or delivery on DVD.

    Note that licence conditions will apply to all data available via Queensland Spatial Catalogue - QSpatial.

    Environmental reports

    The Environmental reports online service provides access to custom reports which relate to both statutory and non-statutory environmental interests. You can select the report type(s) you want to generate, enter an area of interest (i.e. street address) and then a valid email address where the reports can be sent. New report types will be added to this page as they become available.

    Environmental mapping and databases


    A spatially enabled search for reports, manuals and maps is available from the Mines Online Maps info maintained by Department of Resources. This site allows the user to search for information over an area of interest and discover report details, mapping scale and availability of digital data. Search results are linked to the QDEX site allowing direct access to the reports and maps of the area of interest.

    Regional ecosystem database and maps

    The regional ecosystems classification scheme and associated mapping have been developed to assist government, business and the community to incorporate biodiversity into planning and management. The framework is used in a wide range of applications including the Vegetation Management Act 1999, delineation of environmentally sensitive areas for mining, Biodiversity Planning Assessments and regional planning schemes (e.g. local government, natural resource management bodies).

    • Regional Ecosystem Description Database (REDD)
      This site provides the user with the ability to search, view or download a range of attributes for each regional ecosystem including its description, vegetation and biodiversity status, ecological values, distribution and wetland classification.
    • Regulated Vegetation Management Map
      This website enables you to select an area of interest and obtain a Regulated Vegetation Management Map, which shows vegetation categories on your property and is used to determine clearing requirements. It also contains information about Essential Habitat. The map is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) that can be emailed to a valid email address.

    Species lists

    Species lists enables you to access a list of wildlife that the department has recorded for areas such as protected areas (national parks, conservation parks etc.), forestry areas (State forests and timber reserves) and local government areas, or areas defined by the user using coordinates (latitudes and longitudes). The list created in portable document format (PDF) or a text file can be emailed to a valid email address.

    Queensland Globe

    The Queensland Globe provides an online interactive experience to view Queensland’s location based information.

    Wetland maps and data

    • Map of referable wetlands
      To determine if a property is within a wetland protection area, follow the link above to the ‘map of referable wetlands request form’. Lot on plan numbers can be submitted via the online form and a PDF map will be emailed to the address provided. Information is available about the type of development that requires assessment for wetland protection areas.
    • The WetlandInfo website enables you to:
      1. Select an area of interest and obtain digital wetland mapping data in ESRI shapefile format for up to three Lot on Plans at a time emailed to a valid email address.
      2. Access pre-made 1:100,000 scale maps in portable document format (PDF).
      3. Select an area of interest and obtain a Wetland Map in portable document format (PDF) emailed to a valid email address.

    Water streamflow data

    The Water Monitoring Information Portal is maintained by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water and provides access to current and historical water streamflow data for activities such as event-based water management under water resource plans and resource operations plans.